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Our Current Project Includes

Empowerment of Communities to Protect Girls at Risk- ECPGAR

At present Child Voice works to reduce the risk of adolescent girls working in Camp Coolie System of bondage in spinning and textile industries.

Child Voice partnered with GENEVA GLOBAL USA and FREEDOM FUND UK from 01 Sep 2015 to address the rights and protection of adolescent girls working in spinning mills. The project aims to reduce risk the young workers, enhancing support for survivors, prevention of young workers, and carrier improvement through education, skill and life skills. It is the prerogative that all expected are reached through active involvement of the community and relevant community stakeholders which include all Government departments.

The present major interventions as follows...

Intensively work for the rights of adolescent girls in the target communities.

Conduct community awareness raising programs on the rights of children and girl children.

Formation of community stakeholder forums such as Community Supportive Groups (CSGs) and Adolescent Action groups (AAG).

Livelihood Support for survivors of slavery and their families.

Rescue and Legal support for survivors of slavery and their families.

Vilpatti Education Program

Child Voice runs an evening study and educational center in Vilpatti, Kodaikanal and also runs vocational training course for young adults from the community.

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Project for Growth Development and Education for Perungadu Tribals:

Supported by United the way of Chennai- a CSR initiative Child Voice has initiated a project to rebuild a community center and convert it to a school, providing education through bridge course for 31 tribal children who are long-term school dropouts in Perungadu village.

The children will be provided with nutritious food, nutrition supplements, clothing, educational materials and sports equipment. In addition to this, 30 families will be provided with equipment and technology for supplementary income generation.