Who we are?

CHILD VOICE is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in the year 2011 on 15 June committed to voice for vulnerable children by ensuring their safety and protection with the support of the community. The community-based intervention and rehabilitation programs are conducted in the district of Dindigul in Tamilnadu working at grass root level in Dindigul, Nilakottai and Kodaikanal region. Child Rights awareness and sensitization programs are conducted both at micro and macro to the various stakeholders through capacity building programs and advocacy and lobby initiatives at district and state level through networking activities. Child voice works with vulnerable children, adolescent girls, and boys who are the victims of all forms of modern slavery. Child voice Vision Mission and Objectives

Child Voice Vision:

A Progressive society that is actively involved in promoting and safeguarding the rights of Children

Child Voice Mission:

To empower underprivileged children and to ascertain their rights, particularly protection and participation rights.

To establish sustainable communities that prioritize child rights.

To bring policy level changes for implementation of children’s rights through advocacy and networking.

Child voice Strategies:

Ensuring the support of various government departments, network partners, and other stakeholders.

Engagement and involvement of the community in all rescue and rehabilitation process.

Creating protective mechanisms such as helpline, complaint box, post box, Peer Group, ECT

Positive Partnerships through Child-friendly industry brand creation.

Change of conventional ideas of abuse victims and child labor.

Target area

Dindigul District, Tamilnadu, with specific focus on Dindigul, Palani, Kodaikanal and Nilakottai Blocks


Establishing sustainable communities, comprising of various stakeholders, comprehend and positively respond to the inevitable need to care and protect vulnerable children.

Empowering underprivileged children through community sensitization and mobilization around key issues of child rights and protection by their participation.

Assertion of comprehensive rights of children and to bring policy level changes through effective lobbying, advocacy, networking and campaign strategies


To Identify, map and protect the school dropout children, runaway children, street children, children at risk and child laborers from economic exploitation and protect them against all forms of abuse and discrimination in the operational area of Dindigul, Palani and Kodaikanal .

To identify and reduce malnutrition, anemia, morbidity and other health hazards among children and adolescent girls from tribal communities.

To facilitate and to create opportunities for their skill development and economic independence by enhancing them through capacity building programs enabling them to be a dignified and resourceful citizen.

To equip the children with life skills for living in harmony with other children and to facilitate their learning opportunities and enhancing their capacity towards increasing future employment opportunities.

To create opportunities for the children to showcase their talent and to identify and promote leadership qualities enabling increased child participation through a collective forum.

To empower children sangams (clubs) and Federation to identify child rights violations, address them by themselves and to ascertain their rights.

To Promote Gender equity and equality in schools and communities.

To join hands with civil society organizations in campaigns and solidarity actions for influencing policy level changes.

To promote community ownership at operational areas ensuring child protection.

To Establish CHILD VOICE as resource organizations in the field of child rights and effectively carry out advocacy and lobbying both at micro and macro levels.

Community Freedom Groups

Individual challenges can be solved with social introspection. Individual challenge is also a social challenge since everything is interconnected. Poverty affects an individual who is impoverished but it’s a social problem. Illiteracy of an individual will affect the community in general.

Child voice, since its inception has believed in the importance of the role of the community members in solving local problems. Though our program is primarily focused on children and young adults, our interaction with the community stakeholders plays an important role in program decisions.

In order to successfully addressing slavery through community mobilization Child voice has formed various community groups such as community support group, adolescent action groups, youth groups, Children Against Tobacco, Child Vigilance Committee, Economic Joint Liabilities Group, Survivors groups etc..

Through these group, various programs are conducted to support the children in need.

Community Support groups

Child voice has formed 32 community support groups. 30 in Nilakottai block and 2 in Kodaikanal block to support the various child welfare program that are implemented in the community. The CSG’s play the role of custodians of the program with a keen interest in the welfare of the community children. All program and welfare measures are taken after the consent of the CSG members. Currently, there are over 487 CSG members in child voice.


In the process of strengthening the Community Support Group Activities. Child Voice Conducted Several awareness programs that materialized in the formation of Nilakottai block level Community Support Federation. The aims of block level Federation is to create consensus among the CSG members of the various communities and to address children related issues in a holistic and unified manner. On Nilakottai block community child protection Federation aims at strengthening various child protection activities in the block and to a create slave free Nilakottai block.

Adolescent Action Groups

Young girls between the ages of 12 to 18 are formed into small 20 member groups in the village to come together to discuss their challenges and adversities. With over 50 groups and counting, with a member strength of 1023 girls, this adolescent action groups is the backbone of child voice activities. These young women participate, contribute and benefit from the various trainings, and welfare programs conducted in the community.

AAG Federation

AAG Federation is formed to address the issues and challenges of adolescent girls at the block level. Nikakottai, Kodaikanal, and Dindigul Blocks have AAG Federation. Each of the Federation is represented by 5 member steering committee and 15 member executive bench.

Joint Liabilities Groups

Child voice helped organize women who were the victims of modern slavery into Joint Liabilities group to help them avail micro credit from various credit institutions. The women undergo various entrepreneurship trainings, are taught financial management and marketing skills. Some of the groups have successfully gained access to micro credit and have started their own small enterprises. In addition to this, government support and subsidies for the deserving candidates is also secured though these groups.

Survivors group

Several hundreds of women, who in their childhood, out of poverty and lack of awareness fall victim to the enticement and mislead of spinning mills and get enslaved under Sumangali scheme for 3- 5 years, during their time they are over worked, exploited and are emotionally abused. Some of these women suffer from permanent physical and emotional health conditions developed because of the hazardous environment that they were working in. asthma, depression, Menstrual related issues, Anemia etc. due to poor physical condition, and these women are not able to do their regular work. They need support counselling, guidance and assistance for economic empowerment. Child voice has over 30 such groups in our working areas. Where women who had survived the spinning mills are formed into such groups and provided with various forms of assistance.

Child Vigilance committee

Children, especially those from rural marginalized communities are constantly at risk from abuse, exploitation, and slavery. Socio economic conditions, caste disparities etc. contribute to this situation. Child voice, in order to bring about a holistic understanding of the rights of the child, has formed a block level child vigilance committee in Nilakottai Block. Eminent personalities from Universities, Ngo Heads, healthcare and legal professionals constitute this body which time and again addresses the issue of child labor, modern slavery, psycho social care of the children, health, nutrition, and sanitation.